Healthy Life



  • Practice daily stress management techniques (e.g. paced breathing, meditation, prayer, hobbies that bring joy)
  • Engage in healthy relationships with friends, family, & partners (e.g. communication, boundaries, intimacy)
  • Express gratitude daily for yourself and others



  • Feed your friends: understand the role of microbiota in the gut
  • Drink ½ your weight in ounces of water daily (e.g. 150lbs/2 = 75 oz.)
  • Eat non-toxic, nutrient dense foods: organic & colorful 
  • Prepare your own foods to stimulate digestion
  • Chew slowly and completely so that the digestive enzymes can work ideally
  • Give yourself 10-15 minutes after eating to signal to your brain that you are full before consuming more food



  • For beginners: start low, go slow
  • Do what you love: dancing, swimming, bicycling, surfing, skiing
  • Perform cardiovascular exercise 3-5x/week for at least 30 minutes
  • Accompany cardiovascular activity with weight training to improvement structure and function
  • Gyms are great but not necessary: get creative with a free home workout (e.g.  dance with soup cans)



  • Use air filters in your home, changing them at least 2x year
  • Use pillow and mattress covers: clean them in hot water monthly
  • Wash your bed linens in hot water weekly
  • Use water filters at home and avoid using any plastic water containers: use glass instead
  • Replace toxic cleaning supplies with non-toxic replacements: these are easy to make (less expensive too). Resource:
  • Replace toxic self-care products with non-toxic replacements (e.g. shampoos, lotions, makeup) Resource:
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals without proper protection (e.g.  masks, gloves, ventilation)

Circadian Rhythm


  • Rise with the sun, take a walk out in nature 
  • Settle in as the day comes to a rest  
  • Practice good sleep hygiene 
  • Embrace the seasons and allow yourself to modify activity accordingly